Iapetus Titan!

That’s me, that is!

Well, one of my online persona’s at least. In the real world I’m jus Malcolm.

This new blog (‘cos the interwebs needs a new blog) is my attempt at posting information online in more than 140 characters and so far I am managing that quite well.

To trade I’m forensic scene examiner and I dabble a bit as a photographer. Most of my images available online are hosted at flickr.com (there is a wee widget on the sidebar there that can take you to the photostream if you click it) but I’m thinking of offering some of the better ones for sale.

I’ve not sorted out an online store for prints or anything yet but will get to it when it is time. Meanwhile, I plan to try and keep this blog relevant re: Me and post a few storeys (some as fabricated as a boy band) and pics here and there.

Although I am looking to sell one or two images most of my images can be used for wallpapers/avatars whatever you like online and can be downloaded from flickr.com – the only thing with that is that they are kept to a lowish resolution so that they are only worthwhile on the screen. I mean, you can print ’em if you like but they wont look very good.

Anyway, that’s all for now, 140 characters well and truly done! I’ll be updating this very shortly with some images I recently uploaded to flickr which I tried to tell a little made up story with. I’m going to start with that as I can put it all together nicely here instead of it being all split up as it is on flickr.

Right, I’m off. Coffee, biscuit, shower then bed…I do have work in the morning.



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