Prodigiosus Expiscor!

Can’t believe it.
It can’t be true.
Do my eyes deceive me.
A lost memory card that is blue!

2006: A memory card for the PSP is lost.
2006-2007: I rip into my, then 10 year old, son for losing my Hearts save game on Football Manager Handheld 2007 (FM2007).
2007-2010: All is forgotten as new memory cards appear and FM2007 fades into the ether.

Then, suddenly…

What once was lost now is found!

The Lost Memory Card of Chapocochaymumabreeto

It was stuck in the fabric at the bottom of the couch. My fingers (heretoforthwiththerefore known as the “Fingers of Destiny”) were merely caressing the underside of the couch when a small sliver within began to move.

“What be here?” I cried, positing that it, indeed, could not be a fragment of the wooden frame of the couch and it must therefore be the long lost memory card of yore!

How, pray tell, would I be able to retrieve such an precious and historical artefact?

“Cut a hole.” advises my young padawan, now 13 and a half.

“Nay, short stack. I must not defile the cloth lest a hiding from her loveliness be my fate!” I retorted, with a smack to his brow from my correction staff.

And then, the miracle happened.

A gap.

A gap was found, small enough to be overlooked by all but the most awesome (that’s me if you’re not getting it by now) yet just wide enough to allow passage of the card but only if massaged by the fingers of destiny.

And lo, cards were massaged, fingers doth bringeth abouteth destiny and, yea, there was light once more upon the case of the memory card forgotten by time.

Noweth, as the heavens recedeth once moreth into oblivion it is clear that, verily, it is time to resume my Hearts game on FM2007.

The Hallowed Game (I'm not a Hearts fan - just the team I chose)




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