The Clone Saga – Beyond Thunderdome

Mid-May, 2005.

Since my last encounter with the clone I had become the key player* in a indie/rock/blues/punk band and, at this particular day of the year, I was due to lead out my band minions and play a gig at a shitty little pub in a nearby town.

I felt the need to run off a couple of demo discs to force on folk that attended the gig and so commenced my task. After putting 5 tracks on a playlist to burn onto some discs I decided that I needed a catchy “album” name and a good bit of cover art.

To be perfectly honest I was keen on having something really cool but at the same time couldn’t be arsed (as Countdown was about to start) so I brought up a random word generator on Google and came up with:



“Helioscope” and


I thought they were all pretty shit so went with the name I had thought of earlier:


Much better.

What to draw? What to create? Countdown was nearly on and I had to come up with something. Then I remembered…

I was utterly shit at drawing. Fuck!

Then I remembered more…

The Clone!! The Clone!

I opened the door to the cupboard under the stairs, “Is it Ex-mas time already” he said. I did not reply. I just dragged him out sat him on the couch pointed a gun in his face and took the shot. “KA-BLAMMO!”

I Will Shoot You In The Face (for wearing my clothes!)

DO you see the look on his face there? Ha ha ha, what a loser. Really thought I was going to kill him. Stupid clone.

Anyway, I thanked him for his efforts and threw him back in his hovel before the missus got home and discovered that there was a clone of me hiding under the stairs (for the past 2 years).

When I showed my wife the picture I just told her I had taken two images and combined them on the computer, she shrugged her shoulders and said “Fascinating”. She believed it straight away. Stupid wifey**

So, CD done, artwork completed, Countdown watched, I went to the gig.

It was pretty shit and in the end nobody would take a CD from me.

Waste of a day really.





*The Awesomeness of Me

**I don’t really mean it, babes. Don’t hurt me, please.

[The Clone Saga continues in “The Clone Saga Part 3 – Rage-ahol”]


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